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For Sale Boards For Estate Agents

Estate Agent Sign Boards play a crucial role in high-value transactions. Whether you are dealing with commercial or residential clients, the signs that you will pick will be the ambassadors for your business. Estate agent boards are critical for one’s marketing strategy helping them advertise property listings, announce an open house or sell one. At VC Print, we create a wide range of signage solutions based on the budgets and preferences of the realtors.

Centred board – The most commonly used estate agent signs can be strategically placed in the front garden of a property. These signs are constructed from Correx that feature a supporting post in the centre of the sign ensuring it remains strong and long-lasting in the harshest of weather conditions. When the board is manufactured, they are passed through a UV process which fixes the inks in place increasing their longevity.

Flag boards – Suitable for fixing properties that don’t have land such as a townhouse. The flag board is another durable signage that we can print for you using correx material so they can withstand the extremities in the weather. 

We also offer bespoke options that allow you to choose the size and shape of your estate agent board. With our estate agent board printing expertise and experience, we can help you create an estate agent display sign that gets noticed.

Whatever shape of the board you choose, our printing service will strive to match your needs. We take a great deal of pride in our products we make for realtors. Simply upload your artwork and choose from a wide range of estate agent sign options with guaranteed delivery in a fast turnaround time.

You are just one step away to book a free design consultation with our team of designers. Call us on 020 8902 9298 or reach out to us at

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To Let Boards

Fluted Correx Board

5 Board with 5 Slips
10 Boards with 10 Slips
20 Boards with 20 Slips
25 Boards with 25 Slips

Boards - 813mm x 610mm
Slips for landscape boards - 813mm x 150mm
Slips for portrait boards - 610mm x 150mm

T-Board or Flag Board

Boards - Full Colour Double Side Digital Printed
Slips - Full Colour Single Side Digital Printed

6mm (Standard Boards)
8mm (Shaped Boards)
4mm (Slips)

Bespoke Cutting Available

Popular Uses: 
Estate Agent Boards, Property Marketing, School Fetes

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Estate Agent Sign Boards Printing

Artwork Format: PDF, Jpeg, EPS, Tiff, Resolution: Minimum 300dpi, Bleed: Minimum 3mm, please provide crop marks, Colour: CMYK, Embed: Please outline all fonts and include all embedded images.

Checking Stage

We want every project to be printed to perfection for your guaranteed satisfaction. To make sure that nothing slips under the radar, we’ll even run checks on your artwork for you. Assessing the size, resolution, bleed, alignment, and legibility of your art.

Need Help?

If you require assistance with any artwork design, then please contact our team who will be happy to assist. We have created artwork templates for this product which you can download below. This will help ensure your artwork is set up to the correct specification.